Frequently Asked Questions

We try and anticipate what information our attendees need before these events but there will always be additional information you need. Please review our FAQ's below and if we have not answered your question here, please call or email us with your questions.
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What information will be covered at the Synergy Sessions Event in New Orleans?

This session is targeted to more experienced dealership personnel including Internet sales professionals and fixed operations managers. They already know the basics so we want to cover the specifics required to maintain and grow an already engaged department and provide direction for departments that may be sluggish or that have hit a wall and can't seem to get to the next level.

Speakers will address the quickly changing landscape of our industry, using cutting edge technology to build relationships, drive more qualified traffic to your website, how to hire winners and more importantly how to keep them. Then a focus on the right process to bring in the best results will be discussed. Our program page and speakers page will offer more information on the specifics that will be covered.

I see you have a number of sponsors, will they just be trying to sell us their services?

Events like this are expensive to produce so we bring in sponsor companies to help us cover the costs to produce our training sessions. Third party websites and broadcast television shows bring in advertisers to help cover their costs, but they still provide valid information for users and consumers of those services.

The information you learn from the speakers can be implemented independent of ever using their products or services. We have found that much of the expertise in the industry is found with executives who work for the top vendors in the country. We limit the types of companies we allow to participate and we carefully control the presentation and content they will be sharing with you. This is an educational event first and foremost, and only after that are the sponsors encouraged to share information about their services with the participants.

Many sponsors and other companies will have exhibit booths at our event where you can obtain additional information on various products and services.

With all the information being presented why isn't this a three or four day event?

We could easily host a three or four day event like some other conferences and we might still not cover everything we want to share. Participants at previous events and dealers we work with have asked for concentrated training in a fast paced two day session. This minimizes time away from the dealership and cuts down on training costs. Our sessions will focus on some specific topics which we feel will make a major impact when implemented at your stores.

Do you offer discounts if a dealership wants to bring more than one person?

Recognizing this could be a challenging year for the industry we have established a standard rate of $590.00 to attend this event. Auto Success Magazine is offering its readers a discount from this fee, just as many of the sponsors and exhibitors at this event are offering their customers discounted fees to attend this event. If you are doing business or have a relationship with any of the Vendor Sponsors listed below or exhibitors, please check with them for their discount codes for this event.

Is there different pricing for vendors or non-dealership employees?

Unlike some other events we do not have penalty pricing for allied industry and vendors in the retail automotive industry. All our event attendees pay the same low registration pricing. By having allied industry participants we bring a richer networking experience to the event and in that way everybody leaves a bit wiser for the experience.

One of your sponsors is a vendor of ours and gave us a discount code. What is that?

Because of the support shown for this event by the sponsors we have authorized them to provide a select group of their clients and prospects with a discount or promo code that offers a discount from our regular registration fee. When you register for this event online you will be given the opportunity to enter a discount code. When you enter the code provided by your vendor you will see the discounted registration fee for you and your dealership.

If I register and am unable to attend what is your cancellation policy?

In the real world we recognize that sometimes schedules change. Any cancellation up to 15 days before the event will get a full refund. After that date we can return 50% of the fee or credit the registration fee towards other upcoming events.

Registrations are transferable and can be used by other dealership staffers. During the final weeks before the event we must commit to the hotel the number of meals and refreshments needed based on our registration list. At that point we are obligated to pay for the meals whether the registrant is there or not.

Do I have to register online?

We offer online registration as a convenience to our attendees. If you prefer you can call us directly and we can take your registration information over the phone. We accept all major credit cards. Our phone number for this event is 888-815-4417.

For Event Information and Registration Call 888-815-4417


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