Speaker Information
Sean V. Bradley- Founder and CEO, Dealer Synergy
  • Sean V. Bradley, nationally recognized trainer and general assembly speaker for the past AAISP Conference in Nashville will be sharing some of his secrets on how to build an incredible results oriented Internet Department.
  • Dealer Synergy recently won the 2008 Auto Dealer Monthly Platinum Dealers Choice Award for Internet Trainers
  • Based on his experience he created and personalized a two and half day training curriculum and manual which was utilized at the NCM Internet Sales Bootcamps.
  • One of the premier presenters at NCM 20 groups and contributor to the major automotive trade publications.
  • Sean invites you to view an informational video on his background at YouTube - just click this link

D.J. Harrington - Founder and CEO, Phone Logic, Inc.
  • Often referred to as the Doctor, he's happy to give his audiences a check up from the neck up!
  • D.J.'s sales, leadership and telephone skills training has been used by the Club Managers Association of America, General Motors, Volvo of North America, Audi, Daimler Chrysler, Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce, BMW, and Jaguar. 
  • DJ has been a featured speaker at the NADA Convention and Exposition held in New Orleans, where he was rated #1, surpassing 61 other speakers.
  • His workshops at the 1998 NADA Convention in Florida were the #1 rated workshops that year.
  • D.J. was also rated first at the RVDA in 1999 and 2000.
  • As a syndicated columnist for 33 newspapers, Harrington writes a monthly article that appears in publications from Atlanta to Chicago, to Los Angeles. His stimulating columns cover everything from Phone Awareness to Team Building and Satisfying the Unhappy Customer.
  • His engaging delivery and messages keeps audiences on the edge of their seats. Don't miss his session.

DeVerl Austin - Senior Consultant, Franklin Covey
  • In his tenure at Franklin Covey, DeVerl has worked in a number of capacities.
  • Initially he was Director of the Stephen R. Covey and Associates Masters of Executive Excellence program that featured renowned speakers including Kenneth Blanchard, Tom Peters, and Stephen R Covey.
  • For eight years DeVerl was a top-ranked sales executive and sales team leader.
  • He spent five years as a senior consultant coaching and training many executives representing Fortune 500 companies.
  • He was Managing Director for the Mid-Atlantic Region in the United States and then Regional Vice President of the Americas and Southeast Asia.
  • DeVerl’s clients represent a variety of industries including automotive, consulting, technology, insurance, investment, and construction.
  • He also works with a number of government agencies, branches of the military, and non-profit organizations.

Charles Vogelheim - Vice President, J.D. Power and Associates
  • Charlie Vogelheim is Vice President of Automotive Development at J.D. Power and Associates.
  • Mr. Vogelheim is responsible for the International Automotive Roundtable, the premier forum for industry leaders and executives to share and discuss market forces affecting the automotive industry worldwide.
  • Mr. Vogelheim is often a featured speaker at automotive seminars, educational meetings and media interviews and is a regular correspondent on Car and Driver Radio’s weekly show.
  • Prior to joining J.D. Power and Associates, Mr. Vogelheim spent 20 years at Kelley Blue Book, serving as a key member of its management team and as chief spokesman.
  • Most recently, he was the executive editor of Kelley Blue Book’s extensive used-vehicle database, the cornerstone to all of the company’s products, including books, software and internet. Mr. Vogelheim was instrumental in transitioning the Blue Book from a regional trade publishing company to an information and internet success. Additionally he was an original contributor to the development and implementation of several other automotive web sites.

Ed Naczi, Jr. - Director of Business Development, Herb Chambers Dealerships
  • Currently at Herb Chambers BMW-Mercedes Benz-Land Rover, Bentley and Rolls Royce
  • His powerful formula for success consists of learning from his past experience in the business world, implementing a rigorous employee-training program, and maintaining a steadfast faith in process, process, process.
  • Attended Fordham University and graduated with a degree in marketing.
  • Worked for AT&T and performed a variety of functions for them, including sales, operations, marketing and advertising.
  • Became vice president of sponsorship marketing where he handled nationwide sponsorships with many sports organizations, including for the Atlanta Olympics.
  • Worked for Honda North as e-Commerce Director where his performance was high lighted in a cover story in Digital Dealer Magazine in July 2007

Ken Potter - VP of Automotive, CarsDirect.com
  • As Vice-President of Automotive, Kenneth Potter oversees all aspects of the online broker service, CarsDirect. This covers customer service, sales, dealer and industry relations, and all F&I related products.
  • Mr. Potter has served CarsDirect and its successor Internet Brands, Inc. in this role for 6 years and has been instrumental in developing and managing the overall consumer experience from the website through the completed sales process.
  • Prior to joining Internet Brands, Inc., Mr. Potter served as General Manager of CarMax in various locations.
  • Mr. Potter served four years in the US Air Force’s Nuclear Missile Program and was honorably discharged.

Danny Alkassmi - President of Rising Beyond, Inc.
  • Danny Alkassmi has been serving the auto industry more than two decades. 
  • His successful career includes retail sales, sales management and general management for auto dealerships from Southern California to New England. 
  • He then went on to become a National figure in training and consulting.
  • Some of his recent seminar sponsors include General Motors, Mazda Motors and Volkswagen of America, in addition to some of America’s top dealers.
  • He is the founder and developer of many award winning training programs and business models. 
  • His impactful style and dynamic presentation have distinguished him as one of the industry’s most respected consultants

Howard Polirer - Director of Industry Relations, AutoTrader.com
  • Howard Polirer is director of Industry Relations for AutoTrader.com, the ultimate automotive marketplace.  He joined AutoTrader.com in 2003 as a national dealer trainer and has trained more than 8,000 dealers in over 200 major markets on the industry's best practices to reach automotive consumers. 
  • His presentations cover what's happing in the industry, today's automotive consumer, emerging trends, and what's new with advertising and marketing on the Internet. 
  • Polirer brings over 30 years of experience in the retail automotive business and has a wide range of dealer expertise—from salesman at a Toyota dealership to general manager for a VW, Subaru and Chevrolet dealership.
  • One of the nation's leading Internet automotive trainers, Polirer has spoken and conducted workshops at conventions and conferences for NADA, NIADA, NABD and state and local dealer associations. 

Dale Pollak - Founder and Chairman of the Board, vAuto
  • Dale Pollak is a highly sought-after authority on maximizing dealership profits from pre-owned vehicle operations, providing insight into the everyday challenges faced by today’s principals and managers. 
  • Recognized as a speaker who educates, challenges, and motivates his audience, he has presented innovative management disciplines at major automotive industry events and has worked extensively with dealer 20 groups, dealer associations, and large dealer enterprises across the country.
  • In addition, he regularly contributes to auto industry publications like Digital Dealer, and has just released a book on best practices in successful used vehicle operations entitled “Velocity: From the Front Line to the Bottom Line".

Lindsey Toscano - Business Development Director, Nelson Mazda
  • Through her efforts she took the Internet department at a single point Mazda store from seven to 80 units sold a month
  • She rose from a position as an online coordinator to become the dealership Business Development Director overseeing the efforts of the sales and service departments
  • She was featured in a cover story interview in the February 2007 issue of Digital Dealer magazine
  • She won the Association of Automotive Internet Sales Professionals (AAISP) Most Improved Dealership Award in 2007
  • Lindsey has also been nationally featured in Dealix and CarsDirect publications

John Max Miller, Founder and General Manager, @utoRevenue
  • John Miller is the Founder and General Manager of @utoRevenue, the industry’s leading permission based marketing company.
  • After 7 years in business @utoRevenue is doing business with over 800 dealerships nationally producing hundreds of millions in additional revenue yearly for its clients.
  • Prior to starting @utoRevenue, Miller was an owner of KeyTrak the industry’s leading Key Control System. KeyTrak was sold in 1999 to UCS.
  • Before investing on KeyTrak, Miller was the founder of Ultimate Prospecting Services “UPS” the industry’s first Unsold Prospect Follow Up Company established in 1987.
  • In 1995 “UPS” was sold to the Reynolds and Reynolds Company.

Kevin Root - Vice President of Product and Marketing, Dealix Corporation
  • Kevin T. Root has worked in the automotive industry for 20 years and has been recognized by J.D. Power and Associates as one of the original automotive business pioneers.
  • Root previously served as VP of Products and Services in Cobalt’s applications group, responsible for product management and strategy. Since joining Cobalt in 1999, Root spearheaded several industry-leading research initiatives, including the 2005 Industry and Dealership eBusiness Performance Study.
  • Before Cobalt, Root worked at Microsoft as a product planner for CarPoint’s Used Car Marketplace and utilized his industry knowledge to help show dealers the benefits of selling cars online.
  • Root is a frequent keynote speaker on automotive e-business and dealer performance improvement.

Dean Evans - Chief Marketing Officer, Dealer.com
  • Joining Dealer.com this past November Dean brings 18 years of experience in automotive marketing strategies, as well as his relationships with auto manufacturers and dealerships to the Dealer.com team.
  • Dean has acted as an executive or consultant for a variety of high-profile companies and automotive clients, including Ford’s Premium Automotive Group, Chrysler Corporation, Land Rover, Jaguar, AutoNation, and Jumpstart Automotive.
  • He has worked for both Chrysler and Ford’s PAG group for several years.
  • He played an active role on several company advisory boards, including Target Diversity Marketing, Auto Dealer Traffic, and iAutos, the largest automotive portal serving the rapidly growing Chinese market.
  • Evans was also one of the founders of Automotive Association of Internet Sales Professionals (AAISP), and has served as a member of the AAISP board of directors and AAISP nomination committee chair.

Jeff Clark - Vice President of Sales, Skoots, Inc.
  • Jeff has over 16 years of professional business to business sales and management experience.
  • He has achieved noted expertise in the search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) arenas, and his most recent role prior to joining Skoots was as the SEM National Sales Director for Dealer.com.
  • Jeff began his professional sales career after serving in the U.S. Navy during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm.
  • He has been recognized as a Top Tier Sales Executive by several Fortune 500 companies and is the recipient of numerous sales performance awards including the 2003 Outstanding Achievement Award from Car.com (currently a division of Autobytel, Inc.)

Mike DeCecco - Dealer.com
  • Mike has worked in the industry for over ten years with companies such as Manheim Auto Auctions and AutoTrader.com.
  • Managed the internet business for one of the largest dealer groups in the country, the Lia Auto Group. At Lia, Mike managed the online presence and marketing of approximately 30 rooftops with 11 franchises in New York alone.
  • Since 2003, Mike has been a key person in the development of Dealer.com - a leading provider of eMarketing solutions for the automotive industry.
  • In his current capacity as the Spokesperson and Industry Liaison for the Dealer.com he is speaking as an authority on automotive internet practices at conferences and conventions nationwide.

Jeff Kershner - Corporate Sales Trainer at Mile One Automotive
& Editor of DealerRefresh.com
  • Since October 2007 Jeff has been working as a trainer for Mile One Automotive
  • Internet Marketing Sales and BDC Director for Mercedes-Benz of Hagerstown (Maryland)
  • Editor and Publisher of the very popular automotive trade blog, Dealer Refresh where he shares candid insights and information to benefit his peers in auto dealerships across the country
  • He was featured on the cover of Digital Dealer magazine in May 2007
  • Has participated on industry event panel discussions and most recently shared his thoughts on the Cars.com web presentation on Managing Your Online Reputation in the Online Age

Tim James - Director of Sales and Marketing at Homenet, Inc.
  • Leading the sales efforts at HomeNet since March 2006, Tim has helped the automotive technology provider to gain significant market share within the dealer community for its powerful Inventory Online (IOL) Marketing Suite.
  • Tim specializes in training automotive dealerships nationwide to increase sales by streamlining their online marketing process and creating emotional online advertisements for every vehicle on their lot.
  • An expert on the topic of successful Internet Marketing, Tim is a regular speaker at numerous automotive industry events, sharing his insights and strategies with Internet sales professionals from around the country. 
  • Prior to joining HomeNet, Tim served as General Manager & National Sales Manager for Dealer Impact Systems, a leading automotive website provider, and also has several years of experience in the investment banking industry.

Reverend Joseph A. Cala Jr. - Internet/Fleet Sales Mgr for Gateway Toyota
  • In 2004, Joe launched a new Internet sales department into a thriving Business Development Center for Nelson Automotive Group. His team contributed 44% of the total gross profit and he also solely contributed 50 % of the total sales volume.
  • During his career at Nelson he was also responsible for managing a Pre-Owned Automotive lot. Upon receiving the position as sales manager sales increased by 100% in one month and continued to increase thereafter.
  • Reverend Joe Cala is a licensed and ordained as a minister
  • He was a National Manager and Trainer for one of the top 10 "Best of the Best" Internet Sales Training companies in the country.
  • He is the author of newly released motivational book, "Living Your Life Today, The Fool Proof Way!" 2006
  • Joe currently is the Internet/Fleet Sales Manager for Gateway Toyota a Penske Automotive Group dealer, New Jersey.
  • He also runs Joe Cala Ministries, and speaks around the country to churches, pastors, leadership and youth groups.

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