Our 2008 event is now in the archives, but we would like to thank all the attendees, vendors and speakers who participated at this exciting training session in New Orleans. If you would like to be notifed about upcoming sessions
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Our next session will be in Atlanta Georgia, October 2009

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For the last ten years selling vehicles online has been about posting inventory and putting a low price on that inventory or getting the public to fill out a coupon to generate "in market" buyer leads. With vehicle wholesale pricing everywhere on the internet, the focus seems to be on price, price and price. We believe it's time to change the conversation and talk about the value dealerships provide, the purchase experience, and building relationships.

Our event is about using both traditional and cutting edge technology to bring the conversation full circle and get back to working with customers to provide the best value possible. And that doesn't mean just dropping the price and putting a mini-deal on the books. Having a great website and posting vehicle inventory are important parts of your online marketing strategy but it's time to explore how to engage the prospect, create stronger brand equity for your store, and offer additional value to your customers.

This Synergy Sessions Event is one of the few automotive training sessions that include one of the top trainers from Franklin Covey, DeVerl Austin. The book "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen R. Covey has literally changed the world for many of those who have read the book. It is a course in re-adjusting how you look at and manage your activities, goals and personal life.

National trainer, Sean V. Bradley has taken many of the lessons from this book and developed his Franklin Covey influenced presentation,"7 Habits of Highly Effective Online Dealerships."  It will be released to the world exclusively at this Synergy Sessions Event, and highlights will be included in the Workshop Manual all attendees will receive. Whether you are in the Sales or Fixed Operations area this information will be of benefit to you. This is just one more reason to be here with us in New Orleans.

Synergy Sessions will address many of the topics no one talks about in the industry.

  • How to break bad marketing habits
  • Failures of the "follow the herd" mentality
  • How to avoid vendors selling "snake oil" to solve your problems
  • Why some dealer web sites "suck" and what you can do to avoid those mistakes
  • The "blessings and curses" of the manufacturers online involvement in your business

We have all heard that the definition of insanity. It's doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Dealers have told us they are tired of this strategy. For the dealers who want to break from that mold, we will offer real solutions to change the prevailing (and failing) mind set.

Other topics on the agenda are:

  • Video Search Engine Optimization to Drive More Customers to your showroom
  • The Power of Micro-Sites
  • Managing your online inventory to create value opportunities
  • Initiate Search Engine Marketing on a budget
  • Leveraging Social Networks to get more leads
  • Using Third Party Providers to build incremental sales
  • Selling Aftermarket products to increase customer satisfaction
  • Making your team members on the front lines accountable for their actions
    - - (and we do not mean threatening to fire them if they don't perform!)
With great subject matter for this event we needed a great host city and our first choice was New Orleans.

When you think about it New Orleans makes perfect sense for this event. A city with a rich cultural history recently decimated by hurricane Katrina and now rebuilding and growing stronger to become better than ever. Much like the car business that is facing challenges from every front, our industry will not be the same, but we will become stronger for the challenges we overcome. We are proud to be the first major automotive event back in New Orleans and invite you to join us for this cutting edge event.

The host companies Dealer Synergy, AutoSuccess Magazine, and The Dubis Group have teamed up to bring the Automotive Retail Industry one of the best "no-nonsense" training events of 2008. We are lining up the best programs to help your dealership leverage the latest technology, the newest products, and cutting edge sales techniques. In this competitively charged environment you need every advantage available.

Please plan on having your management team join us for this "game changing event."

Put May 13th and 14th on your calendar and
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