October 5-7th 2009

This incredible event will offer two days of strategic information with an optional third day devoted solely to the works and ideas of FranklinCovey, covering Leadership, Time Management and Organizational skills. Registration will be available in the very near future, so please stop back and sign up for one of the premier events of 2009.

The automotive retail landscape has been changed forever. The events of the last year have been a very strong wakeup call for all dealers. Our event this fall will provide dealers with a blueprint to rebuild their business in a way that leverages solid, tested processes with new cutting edge technologies to better serve customers in this new world.

October 7th - FranklinCovey Training

FranklinCovey certified trainers, Sean V. Bradley and Karen Uriarte have scheduled a third day for this event, dedicated to improving the personal and business skills of every attendee. Based on the very successful skills taught in the book, "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen R. Covey, this training day will focus on honing your leadership, time management and organizational skills. Relationships are becoming more and more critical in the business world, and networks both traditional and virtual can mean the difference between success and failure. We invite you to learn these life long habits that will enhance your personal life and create tremendous opportunities in your day to day business activities too.

This Synergy Sessions Event will address many of the topics no one talks about in the industry.

  • How to break bad marketing habits
  • Failures of the "follow the herd" mentality
  • How to avoid vendors selling "snake oil" to solve your problems
  • Why some dealer web sites "suck" and what you can do to avoid those mistakes
  • The "blessings and curses" of the manufacturers online involvement in your business

We have all heard that the definition of insanity. It's doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Dealers have told us they are tired of this strategy. For the dealers who want to break from that mold, we will offer real solutions to change the prevailing (and failing) mind set.

Other topics on the agenda are:

  • Video Search Engine Optimization to Drive More Customers to your showroom
  • Building and Protecting Your Reputation Online
  • The Power of Micro-Sites
  • Managing your online inventory to create value opportunities
  • Initiate Search Engine Marketing on a budget
  • Leveraging Social Networks to get more leads
  • Using Third Party Providers to build incremental sales
  • Selling Aftermarket products to increase customer satisfaction
  • Making your team members on the front lines accountable for their actions
    - - (and we do not mean threatening to fire them if they don't perform!)
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